Meadowbank Public School

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Thistle Street, Ryde (02) 9809 3648


Meadowbank classes have been named after notable people and places in Ryde’s early history.

Willandra House is a fine and locally rare example of a colonial Regency style residence.Formerly known as Ryde House Willandra originally sat on the ridgeline of the village of Ryde in a prominent position that focussed directly on the Parramatta River overlooking the farmland in between. It was built by James Devlin in the early 1840s and has been associated with several prominent people. In 1841 the Devlins started to build Willandra and by 1845 the family had moved in. Rebecca Fitzhardinge born in 1846 states that she was the first child born in the house. The Devlin family lived at Willandra for almost 30 years.

Willandra  - an Aboriginal word conveys the idea of a creek of little water.

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