Meadowbank Public School

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Thistle Street, Ryde (02) 9809 3648


Meadowbank classes have been named after notable people  and places in Ryde’s early history.

SHEPHERD - James Shepherd arrived in 1795, and married one of the first women pioneers, Ann Thorn, and built up a prosperous orchard area, stretching from Parkes St. to the Parramatta River. James Shepherd’s family became one of the prominent families in the life of the settlement. He was a devout churchman, and the Methodist SS was founded by his son, James, in 1822. “Thorn Cottage” was one of the early homes of the area. Isaac was a son of James Shepherd, and was one of Ryde’s leading citizens. He was a leader in trying to set progress in motion in the area, and was a member of parliament for the area from 1860-1864. Shepherd played a leading role in the establishment of the first Ryde Public School, and gave land for the first police station (Watch House). Shepherd was a wealthy man, who built a large home at Meadowbank, called “Hellenie”. In 1870, he laid the foundation stone of the Methodist Church.

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