Meadowbank Public School

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Thistle Street, Ryde (02) 9809 3648


Meadowbank classes have been named after notable people and places in Ryde’s early history.

BRADLEY - James Bradley was born circa 1765. He was charged with stealing a “white handkerchief with a purple border of the value of two shillings” and was tried on 29th June 1785 at the Old Bailey and sentenced to seven years transportation. He was on the Scarborough with the First Fleet. Following arrival in Sydney Cove James Bradley suffered 25 lashes for insolence on 23rd February 1789. At Parramatta on 12th August 1792, he married Sarah Barnes a third fleet convict. He became a successful farmer, able by 1806 to support his wife, six children and one convict. He died on 16th February 1838 aged 73 years and is buried at St Anne’s Ryde.

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