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Achieving Excellence

Extensive enrichment opportunities enhance the curriculum for students at Meadowbank. These opportunities occur within and outside of school hours.


Tuition is available for violin, cello, keyboard and woodwind instruments. Instruments are available for hire from the school at a very reasonable cost. The orchestra practices before school and performs at the Opera House, school and at local venues.

A beginner orchestra and subsidised beginner strings tuition is also available.


Students in Years 3–6 may participate in the school choir. The choir performs at school, local functions and at the Opera House as part of the Ryde School Spectacular.

Recorder Group

Students in Years 3-6 can choose to join the recorder group.  They are given tuition and practices usually happen during lunch times.  The recorder group performs at school functions, at local venues and in the Festival of Instrumental Music at the Opera House.


hess Club is organised by teachers for students in K-6. Practices and in school competitions occur during lunch times.  In Term 2 competition teams are selected to play against local schools on Friday afternoon after school.


MEG - Meadowbank Edible Garden  is an active environmental program led by class teachers.  Activities include native gardening, vegetable gardening, composting and recycling.

Public Speaking and Debating

Class teachers teach the skills of successful public speaking in all classes from K–6.  All students participate in the school’s Multicultural Public Speaking Competition. Students from Years 3–6 are then chosen to represent our school at the district public speaking competition.

Stage 3 students compete in debating competitions against local schools.

MEE Club (Meadowbank Enthusiastic Entertainers)

MEE Club is  a fun group run by teachers at lunch time.  Student from K – 6 participate in singing activities and learn a variety of entertaining songs. The group then performs at school events and local venues.


A varied program of sports is provided for all students K-6. Each alternate year we provide either gymnastics or dance run by external teachers.

Students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in the local PSSA sports competition held on Friday afternoons. Teams are selected on ability and are coached by class teachers.

Active After School Sport

The Active After-school Communities program is a national initiative that provides primary school-aged children with access to free sport and structured physical activities in the after-school time slot 3:00pm to 4.10pm two afternoons each week.

The program aims to engage children in sport and other structured physical activities and, through a positive and fun experience, develop a love of sport that inspires them to join a local sporting club.

All activities are based on a ‘game sense’ approach called ‘playing for life’. The aim is to create a fun and inclusive environment by running physically active games that are modified to challenge and engage children of all abilities and backgrounds.  Students from Years 1–6 can join these classes from Term 1. Kindergarten students can join these classes from Term 2.


The Drama class is run by and external provider and is held before school. Students from K–6 can participate. The cost for this activity is $40 a term.


The French classes, run by an external provider, are held one lunch time a week.  Students from

K–6 can participate. The cost for this activity is $40 a term.

Student Support

School counsellor

Our school counsellor is an experienced teacher who has a degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in school counselling. She is available to work with students and their families. Our counsellor is at Meadowbank half a day per week so it is necessary for parents or carers to make an appointment by contacting the school.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our experienced ESL teacher works with students whose first or main language is not English. English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are developed through team teaching, small group and withdrawal sessions.

Learning Support

Students who require support with their learning are referred to the Learning Support Team (LAST). This team comprising executive, teaching, support staff and counsellor meet regularly to discuss the learning needs of students who have been referred to them. The Learning and Support Teacher: (LAST teacher) works with students in team teaching, small group and withdrawal sessions.

Gifted and Talented Programs

Opportunities are provided for students who have been identified with talents in particular areas. These include in-school programs, inter-school competitions and regional and state wide gifted and talented programs. Examples of such opportunities are debating and speaking competitions, zone and regional carnivals and band camp.

Peer Support and Buddies

Students in Stage 3 are buddied with kindergarten students to help when they first start school. These buddies are trained to be on hand in the playground and assist the new kindergarten students to develop confidence in their first months at school. A popular introductory activity undertaken between buddy classes is the joint construction of Easter hats or baskets for the annual Easter parade.

Our peer support program focuses on social skills and anti-bullying is run in small across-grade groups led by Stage 3 students for a term each year. Stage 3 students are trained as Peer Support Leaders.